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Recruitment Services

We offer a completely tailored recruitment solution to your specific needs. Each and every company is different and as such we meet with you and get to know you and your business.

Recruitment with a Social Responsibility

A core element of our work is the provision of training packages for recruitment campaigns such as Brightworks Recruitment, Influx Recruitment and Euthenia Recruitment. We also provide a mainstream recruitment service and link with colleges and universities, as well as running recruitment services for corporate clients.

Accessing Opportunities

We provide an intensive employability recruitment facility for the people who move through our charitable services. They can access opportunities for employment through our training and recruitment service. Our recruitment training programmes are available digitally, again reducing costs for employers and individuals.

Our Experience

We use our experience in recruitment to bring prosperity to your company.

Our candidates are not just names on a CV, we know every one of them and we are here to support them through the entire process, whether it is their first job, getting back into the workplace, career progression, or simply a change of direction.

Our candidates will only be offered for consideration if we feel they suit your position and your company.

We offer a complete service ensuring all candidates are excellent by taking the time, money and effort of finding the right person for you, leaving you free to work on with what you do best.