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To fulfil the vision and mission of LOVE Sport, we work with all groups in our community, from children with learning difficulties up to professional athletes transitioning to normal full-time employment.

We aim to enhance the health, education and employability prospects of our communities by using sport as the method of engagement and a tool for change.

Who Do We Work With?


We work closely with schools in providing children the opportunity to use sport as a vehicle to improve their learning. We also provide support for children with learning difficulties by engaging them in alternative learning methods through physical activity.

Low activity individuals

We have identified several demographics whose engagement in sport and physical activity is well below the national average. We are aware of the immense benefit of engaging those groups that typically do little or no activity into LOVE Sport.

We believe that sport should be a safe and inclusive environment for all and aim to improve this through the education of sport clubs and sporting bodies.

As part of our Duty of Care, we use sport as a vehicle to change and bring engagement from those that are the most excluded from sport such women and girls, disabled people, those in lower socio-economic groups and older people.


Many athletes struggle financially or mentally, especially in the period after retirement. As such, LOVE Sport aims to bring responsibility to the whole sport industry and support the transition from sporting life to ‘the real world’ through education.

Success for athletes is only possible when a strong foundation is put in place. This includes securing their wellbeing and welfare by working with them to maximise their potential in terms of funding and education.

We offer an alternative career choice to ensure a resilient future for athletes and support them at key transitional points of their sporting journey.

This includes from youth groups to elite athletes and everything in between. We offer psychological services and support to bring awareness and education about suicide prevention and mental health first aid.

We also provide interventions and crisis response in times of need through our social care teams and our 24/7 helpline line.