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At LOVE Learning we believe that we are more likely to improve a person’s attainment if they are engaged and motivated by the context within which they learn and are well supported to develop social and emotional competencies.

We recognise that all people have different learning styles and that their age and stage of development can be affected by trauma or the experiences that they are exposed to.

  • 1-2-1 support for each individual on their areas/topics of interest. We encourage and support pupils and grown up students to apply the learning achieved outside the school environment to their learning in school.
  • Person-centred approach to develop and enhance skills for assessing improved attainment.
  • Experienced with ASN and Mental Health issues, we work with people who have additional support needs (ASN) or who are vulnerable for a variety of reasons linked to social, behavioural and emotional factors.
  • Community focused by accessing and involving individuals and families in local groups, activities and services which will provide a longer-term network of support.

LOVE Learning Educational Programmes

Environment engagement

We believe in using nature to connect with vulnerable people and improve learning and mental health of those in our communities. We aim to improve education and attainment whilst stimulating knowledge and harnessing love for our surrounding environment.

Learn about our learning opportunities with Earth School.

Sports engagement

Recent research indicates the strong links that exist between physical activity and good mental health, happiness and attainment.

Participation in sports activities makes participants feel happier and more relaxed and provides social benefits through connection with teammates and friends in a recreational setting.

Learn about learning opportunities with LOVE Sport.

Artistic engagement

External activities like art, drama and music present opportunities to improve people’s inclusion and improve attainment. We focus on the young person’s personal interest and harness the motivational impact of participation in areas of interest to learning in schools and other areas of life.

ASN programmes

We recognise that all people have different learning styles and that their age and stage of development can be affected by trauma or the experiences that they are exposed to. Developmental milestones depend very much on the opportunities each individual has to practise them or the experiences available to them.

As such, LOVE Learning also offers a range of programmes that focus on children and adults with additional support needs.

School Programmes

LOVE Learning offers a programme of support to schools which is tailored to the needs of teachers, support bases, young people and families. This programme can be offered within ASN primary and secondary schools as well.

We work to support a positive educational experience reducing the risk of exclusion and can also assist with the transition for leavers or general wellbeing across the curriculum. This service is then extended out to the family where we provide a wraparound service of care and support.

How we can support you:

  • Learning assessments
  • Support for teachers/pastoral care
  • Crisis intervention
  • Managing challenging behaviour
  • ASN support
  • Evaluation & Impact report
  • Access to child psychologist
  • Access to social workers
  • Focus on numeracy & literacy

LOVE eLearning

Our blend of carefully designed programmes deliver leadership, management and personal development training to enhance your skills levels, performance and productivity.

LOVE eLearning has many courses available, within varying sectors and with new courses added weekly there is always something new to learn.

View our course categories below to find your preferred learning path at We offer Certificate coursesRetainer courses and Learning Paths.