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A socially conscious, responsible brand.


The LOVE Group (LOVE) is a one-of-a-kind social business. With a drive for social justice, inclusion and wellbeing at its core, LOVE identifies opportunities to support vulnerable individuals in Scotland who would otherwise have limited or no access to the services they need.


LOVE Learning’s services are funded through our corporate services and products offered by the businesses within the LOVE Group. These include training, recruitment and care services offered by LOVE Training, LOVE Recruitment and LOVE Care, respectively.

All profits from the training, recruitment and care services are channelled to the charitable services offered by LOVE Learning. This ensures that our businesses are socially responsible, in line with the LOVE Group’s values.

LOVE is at the Heart of Everything We Do

Our mission is to create mainstream services that incorporate equality, justice, kindness, love and compassion. These services will contribute to mind, body and spirit, whilst delivering excellence and solutions to the mainstream sectors in which we work.

We believe that services such as personal development, education, training, learning development and social care should be combined and should incorporate values such as love, compassion and kindness. This ethos and culture will help build resilience within our communities.

From early years to end of life palliative care, we will apply these principles to daily work. This will help us to achieve maximum impact and assured quality throughout our strategic business planning.

We recruit passionate, strong and ethical individuals to support our cause and deliver our services. All our staff are trained to the highest standards in order to provide excellent education and care support. LOVE is the heart of everything we do; we use kindness and compassion to help others live a full life.