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Leading care provider expands into child residential care

Leading care provider expands into child residential care

A leading Scottish care provider has expanded into residential care after acquiring a new home in Airdrie, where it will offer residential care services to up to four children.

The house is currently awaiting the green light from the Care Inspectorate to be used as a residential home.

Based in Hamilton but active across Scotland, LOVE Care have been offering a wide range of professional care and respite services, tailored to individual needs and undertaken by highly trained carers.

This step into residential care comes after a continuous expansion of LOVE Care’s service portfolio during last year amid the growing demand of their provision in Scotland.

LOVE Care aims to provide 24/7 tailored care services to kids with social, emotional and behavioural needs for whom residential care is the only option.

As part of SQA accredited learning and training centre LOVE Group, the care provider will complement its residential services with educational support in line with the services that it already provides in local authorities including South Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh. It will also offer holistic therapy and wellbeing services to those in the home.

LOVE Care has previously been vocal about the need to improve the care sector standards in Scotland and ensure that not only the services offered are up to the highest standards but that carers themselves receive high levels of training and fair wages.

As such, LOVE Care train their staff following a unique hybrid model where workers are not only trained in residential childcare but also put through Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) accredited training in education delivery, providing them a greater level of formation to interact with children.

LOVE Care is a national living wage employer and facilitate internal routes to additional training and promotion within the organisation and the overall sector, making the prospect of a career in the care sector more attractive to possible applicants.

Lynn Bell, CEO of LOVE Care commented:

“We are delighted to expand our services into residential care. This will allow us to be providers of every tier of care services to vulnerable children in our country.

“Our aim as a social business is to bring love and support into children’s care services, ensuring that no matter what their background is, our children will be given the best possible start in life.

“We offer unique family support plans for children in our residential homes as well as a range of resilient support plans to enable their future success through a number intensive and holistic therapy and wellbeing services.

“We strongly believe in the need to improve the care standards of Scotland and urge all providers to raise their game and look at solutions to create a sustainable and successful care sector.

“As an example, the career pathway we provide through training supports individuals gain the qualifications to move through the ranks of the care sector and help establish this as a career of choice, helping to improve people’s lives.”