Tony case study


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Tony is a 12 year old boy with a diagnosis of ASD, he lives at home with his Mum and her partner in an area considered to have poor housing with anti social behaviour issues. Tony is on a supervision order.

Tony’s Mum has significant mental health issues with a dependency to alcohol.

Tony struggles to form relationships in and out of school, he is socially isolated and has experienced bullying. Mum has failed to recognise his need for inclusion nor has she ever encouraged him to access local community based activities that would support and increase resilience, self esteem and gain friendships.

Tony’s presentation is that of a younger child who hasn’t reached his age and stage developmental milestones. Tony doesn’t know how to interact with peers his age.

Tony’s Mum has historically denied excessive use of alcohol, although LOVE learning have been able to evidence her everyday use.

The focus for LOVE learning is to support Tony with the following :
• Social skills, confidence and self esteem
• Understand ASD and how it effects him
• Understand alcohol addictions and learn coping strategies

LOVE learning also supported Mum with :
• Understand, recognise and reduce the level of risk for Tony
• Understand the impact addiction has on Tony

LOVE learning encouraged and included Tony in his plan, we completed preparation work taking into account his ASD and understanding how routine and change can be detrimental for him. This plan was influenced by ‘Resilience Matrix’, we were able to identify areas of strength and areas of concern. Tony is a vulnerable boy who has had adverse experiences and little coping skills.

Tony was supported to form a safety plan, he was made aware of our 24/7 helpline to use when he felt unsafe. Tony and his worker spent time memorising the free number.

Once Tony had sustained a positive working relationship we were able to support him in school. Tony completed a PDA with his worker as part of his plan with us. Tony has also now joined an after school club, having been supported to meet like minded children with similar interests in Drama. Tony now advises he enjoys school, he enjoys the structure and how his teachers understand him more since LOVE learning involvement.