Tom case study


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Tom is an 11-year-old who lives at home with his mother. Tom was referred to LOVE learning by his school due to his low achievements, poor relationships and disruptive behaviours. Tom has an Asperger’s diagnosis.

On meeting Tom’s mum, it was apparent that her own anxieties were having a negative influence on Tom. Tom and his Mum slept in the same bed, she explained that this makes her feel better knowing that he is safe. Tom has never experienced his own space so knew no different.

Tom was introduced to LOVE learning worker PS. PS arranged to meet Tom at home with his Mum. Together they agreed a support plan, within this his Aspergers was considered with thoughtful planning to incorporate sensory environmental and the challenges and difficulties Tom faces with new people identified.

Tom was supported to understand LOVE learning understood his anxieties he has and that all work will go at his pace.

PS spoke to Tom’s teacher and was able to gain understanding on why Tom has not been able to manage his academic work, mainly due to him not having formed a positive working relationship with trust and understanding in place, and that perhaps the teacher didn’t understand how difficult it is for a child on the spectrum to “fit in”.

PS agreed a plan to support Tom in the afternoons and he was supported to embark on a project of his choice, one that would be part of his PDA (Personal Development Plan).

LOVE learning also agreed for parenting work with Mum to be carried out, the focus for her to strengthen her capacity in positive parenting and to understand and respect Tom’s need to grow with appropriate age and stage milestones being achieved.

Tom with support completed a project on “Easter Island”, he evidenced an ability to embark and complete with appropriate supports, guidance and time. LOVE learning made a plan with Tom for him to improve his confidence by presenting his project in front of his class. This was achieved with Tom sitting with his back towards his class and PS beside him providing him with prompts.

The school have now recognised Tom as an achiever, he can manage his behaviours, respond and interact at level if supported with clear planning and his environment being respected and with positive supportive relationships.