Maggie case study


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Maggie is a 16 year old with an ASD diagnosis. Maggie lives at home with her mother who has mental health issues and limited mobility due to a registered disability, this prevents Mum supporting Maggie to and from appointments.

Maggie lives in a warm house that is well furnished. They both recently moved to a new area following her parent's relationship ending. Maggie is still at the contemplation stage on accepting her father no longer lives with her along with setting into a new house with new smells, decoration, neighbours all of which are difficult for Maggie to process due to ASD.

Dad continues to be a relevant person in Maggie's life and spends time with her in her new home.

Maggie has no social inclusion after struggling to maintain her placement in school. Maggie is a bright girl with great academic abilities but due to her ASD is unable to remain in school to achieve completion of her Nat 5's.

LOVE learning service supported Maggie by providing her with her own worker, supporting trust, continuity and structure. LOVE learning with Maggie agreed a plan in conjunction with a local college where we would support her in the following:

  • Support Maggie identify a buddy
  • Accompany Maggie to college, preparing transport times and durations
  • Attend classes with Maggie initially but gradually reducing supports
  • Support lunch breaks, where to go or sit etc.
  • Encourage Maggie's social inclusion by identifying social events
  • Incorporate a PDA award in support plan

Maggie was able to engage with the support plan but difficulties were identified as we reduced one to one support, this evidenced Maggie being unable to attend college unsupported.

Maggie did however manage to complete her PDA, to her credit and gained pride and self belief.

LOVE learning supported and encouraged both Maggie and her mum to still receive supports by attending the LOVE learning office which is in her area. There, the LOVE learning office manager agreed to support and teach Maggie office skills, with her level of attendance being at her choice. Maggie has attended the LOVE learning office on a few occasions. This service remains open until we can secure other supported employment or funding. Maggie is currently being supported to now move on to an SQA award. The same supports are available to her.