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Gorgie Farm spearheads community support during pandemic

Gorgie Farm spearheads community support during pandemic

LOVE Gorgie Farm has been spearheading support for communities in Gorgie, Dalry and Stenhouse, coordinating different local organisations to deliver key services.

Participating organisations are working collectively to provide a comprehensive range of services to the community. Acting as a one-stop shop they are sharing a request for support with the right organisation if they can’t deliver it themselves. They are also working together to identify existing gaps in support that need filled.

The first organisations to witness the benefit of this collaboration has been LOVE Gorgie Farm and Big Hearts, who have joined forces to enhance their foodbank provision to the local community.  Big Hearts is a family-focused charity, aiming to improve the lives of people who are at risk of social isolation across communities.

Through this initiative, referrals going to Big Hearts seeking food provisions can automatically be shared with LOVE Gorgie Farm’s food bank, improving the support given to these individuals.

LOVE Gorgie Farm is coordinating this collective initiative since it temporarily closed its doors to the public due to the coronavirus outbreak at the end of March.

In addition to running a foodbank, LOVE Gorgie Farm has been undertaking a volunteer-led initiative to deliver free breakfast every morning to the children of the community amid school closures.

Amber Isaacs, Project Manager at LOVE Gorgie Farm said:

“LOVE Gorgie Farm has been at the heart of the local community for years, and in this time of crisis, we felt that it was vital to ensure everyone in the area is being fully supported.

“By linking with other organisations supporting the most vulnerable people in the area, we have been able to not only address any gaps in support provided but have also managed to tear down the barriers that individuals had to face when accessing support.

“The support received from all the members has been exceptional and we are already seeing the positive effects of this collaboration amongst individuals and families of the area.”

Katriona Gillespie, Chair of local arts organisation Gorgie Collective, said:

“It is so positive to see local volunteer and charitable organisations pulling together to support our community here in Gorgie-Dalry.

“By signposting help and sharing resources, we can make sure that help gets to everyone who needs it at the right time.”

Organisations taking part in this initiative include LOVE Gorgie Farm, EVOC, Big Hearts, Health All Round, NHS Lothian, Gorgie Collective, Lifelong Learning, The Welcoming Association, and Home Start as well as the local community councils.

People looking to access these support services should contact