We offer a service to our customers that makes them feel in control of their own life,
make them feel safe and secure in the knowledge that their care and support workers are honest, trustworthy, skilled
and highly professional and will support them.

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At LOVE@care we strive to create and maintain homes that feel like permanent sanctuaries, where every child is safe, welcomed and affirmed, and attains a level of breakthrough appropriate to them. We offer the highest quality, personalised and intuitive care and education for every child. We believe in a holistic approach: that the smallest details can mean a world of difference to a vulnerable young person.

Adult Care services

LOVE@care provide Care at Home and Housing Support Services to individuals with varying needs. We specialise in enhanced care packages for individuals with complex care needs.

Children Care services

At LOVE@care our aim is to provide a range of supports within our Care at Home Services for children and young people who have complex care needs.

Training & Staffing

LOVE@care, our aim is to ensure our clients receive the quality of support we would expect for our own friends and family to live life their way and to participate as much as possible in their communities.

Respite services

LOVE@care respite services can be arranged for a range of reasons, covering a variety of planned or unplanned circumstances. We can stay at your home or breaks away.

Adult & Children Mental Health services

At LOVE@care we understand that mental health problems don’t discriminate by age. Recent research indicates that half of mental health problems in adulthood begin before the age of 14, and three quarters by the age of 24.

Advocacy services

LOVE@care provide advice and support so that you can access information and services, be involved in decisions about your lives, explore choices and options, defend and promote your rights and responsibilities and speak out about issues that matter to you.

Care Recruitment Supply solutions

Quality and Value, providing skilled staff when you need it most. The LOVE family provides high quality support to individuals who need it most. We are an agency with a difference. Not only are we dedicated to providing high quality staff for establishments, centres and care settings, we are dedicated to our staff. We develop and upskill our workforce with the aim of moving them into permanent employment. We attract highly enthusiastic staff with a true passion for early years education and social care by showing commitment, fair terms and on-going support.


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