Andrew case study


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Andrew is 13. He was recently given a diagnosis of Aspergers and attends CAMHS with his parents every 6 months.

LOVE learning was brought in to support Andrew at school due to him behaving negatively in a classroom environment and this often results in him being excluded from school.

The main focus of work was to provide Andrew with a cancelling – type support to enable him to talk about his feelings and then mange them more appropriately.

Through discussions, it became clear that Andrew did not understand what Aspergers was; he had also been told that he displayed “anxiety” but again did not really know what that meant when. When undertaking sessions with Andrews family, they seemed to feel that Andrew no had a formal diagnosis but nothing had changed in relation to his behaviours.

Often, it is challenging to assist a person (who has Aspergers) to change their view of their circumstances so works needs to be done with their family so that they change how they interact instead.

Focused work was undertaken with Andrew’s family so that they could make changed how they fitted into Andrew’s life along with how they presented information / direction to him.

Now that Andrew’s family were more able to work alongside his diagnosis, many of his negative behaviours lessened.

He presented as less anxious and now had more understanding about his roles at school, at home and in the community.

This is an example of the work that LOVE learning does within a community setting to support / develop family networks, advocate on their behalf and provide a holistic approach towards interventions.