Advocacy services


LOVE@care help people particularly those who are most vulnerable in society.

What is an advocate?

An advocate is a person who represents and works with a person, or group of people, who may need support and encouragement to exercise their rights and ensure that they are upheld.

We provide advice and support so that you can:
· Access information and services
· Be involved in decisions about your life
· Explore choices and options
· Defend and promote your rights and responsibilities
· Speak out about issues that matter to you

What can an advocate do for you?

An advocate from LOVE@care will:
· Provide information and assistance to support the rights of the people using care services
· Provide a free, confidential and independent service to service users and their representatives
· Recognise the important role of significant others, including families, in supporting and upholding the rights of service users
· Work directly with the permission of the person who is able to make their own decisions and express their wishes
· Will take steps to identify all significant others relating to the service user, including family and friends, when a service user is unable to express their wishes
· Work with the representative of the service user when they are seen to be acting in the person's best interests

When people contact an advocacy agency, the advocate will

· Listen and ask questions in order to clarify the specific issues of concern
· Provide accurate information about the rights of the person
· Provide strategies to resolve the problem
· Discuss any negative consequences that may arise from a particular action
· Proceed only if the person, or their representative, gives permission
· Support the person and/or their representative to advocate for themselves or speak on their behalf
· Consult and keep the person and/or their representative informed during the advocacy process, until the issues are resolved
· Will provide information and referral to other agencies if they are unable to resolve the concerns

Considerations for the advocate

The advocate will follow clear procedures when working with you and/or your representative.
· The advocate will assist the service user to express their wishes
· The service user will choose their representative
· When there is conflict between representatives, the best interests of the service user, their previously expressed and present wishes, will determine what happens
· When the person's best interests are at risk, the advocate will refer to more formal means to resolve conflict and ensure that the person's rights are safeguarded



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