Abbey & Susan case study


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We received a referral to support a 13 year old girl who we will refer to as Abbey.

The desired outcome was to get Abbey returned to school after her attendance dropped to below 50%. Abbey is described as a bright girl who is capable of achieving her standard grades.

The process made in forming a positive working relationship with Abbey and her Mum (who we will refer to as Susan).

We identified the following multiple obstacles :
• Susan’s poor mental health
• Financial restraints on the family
• Susan has previous LAAC experience (looked after and accommodated)
• Susan’s parenting capacity

LOVE learning built a relationship with Susan primarily to support her with her parenting skills. We worked with Susan using “My World Triangle”, which is a simple, effective and realistic method used to support her understanding of “ What my child needs from me”.

When we discussed the various factors that were affecting Abbey, Susan was able to recognise the difficulties that Abbey experienced and subsequently make positive changes to her parenting. She gained an understanding that love itself is not enough, that Abbey needs her mum to identify her physical, social and emotional wellbeing along with the importance of education. This work supported Susan to understand that Abbey needs her to be a strong parent with rules, boundaries and structure and to maintain her parenting abilities.

The parenting work also allowed Susan to work through and process her own past, learning from it and ensuring a positive effective on her present. This has supported the resilience for both Abbey and Susan.

Practical supports were needed to help Susan with her finances. LOVE learning supported her to a ‘Money matters’ appointment, which is a local resource open to her along with applying for free dinners and school uniform grant.

LOVE learning provided Abbey with a support tailored to meet her individual needs. Abbey was involved in her plan throughout and agreed for LOVE learning to support her into school each day until she felt confident to achieve this on her own. LOVE learning also encouraged her to access local community based activities where she has been able to meet like minded kids and has now managed to form positive peer relationships.

LOVE learning has accomplished the desired outcome in returning Abbey to education with boundaries being maintained by Susan. The expertise of staff enabled other obstacles to be identified and with multi agency working, all achieved within a realistic timescale and working at the families pace. Susan also worked with our employability team, to prepare for and find employment.